All About Fruit & Berry Plants

      It would be hard to imagine life on earth without berries, Just imagine no blackberries, grapes, blueberries, tomotoes and the list goes on and on. So what exactly is a berry. The Botanical definition of a berry is a fleshy style fruit that is produced from a single ovary. Berries are the most common type of fleshy fruit. The seeds of berries are usually embedded in the flesh of the ovary. Plants that bear berries are bacciferous. Many species of plants produce fruit that are similar to berries, but not actually berries, and these are baccate. Berry is a common term for any small edible fruit. These "berries" are usually juicy, round or semi-oblong, brightly coloured, sweet or sour, and do not have a stone or pit, although seeds may be present. Berries such as Tomatoes are edible, but others in the same family, such as the fruits of the deadly nightshade Atropa belladonna along with the fruits of the common table potato "Solanum tuberosum" are poisonous to humans. Some berries, such as capsicum have space rather than pulp around their seeds. Berries and humans have had a long relationship that dates back to the beginning of man. Feeding foliage and fauna berries are truely one of natures most splendid gifts.

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